Following the success of a meeting held in Beijing on the issue of China Africa Cooperation on peace and security, a follow-up meeting was held in Addis Ababa on Wednesday at Hilton Addis. At hand was on how to implement the China Africa Peace Security Initiative.

With support with China, the continues to have an increasing influence in the affairs of the continent, in attendance was the Assistant Foreign Minister of China, Chen Xiaodong and the Commissioner of Political Affairs at the African Union, Minata Samate-Cessouma, members of the African Union Peace and Security Council and a slew of delegates also attending the 32nd annual gathering of the heads of State inside the headquarters of the African Union.

At the gathering held in China last year, it was agreed; China will support and jointly build a closer China-Africa relationship. President Xi Jinping has also announced measures to help on areas of peace and security by advocating for and funding a number of initiatives.

A number of Chinese delegations, including those headed by its Foreign Minister, Wang Yi have toured a number of African nations, underscoring the important of the relationship. The nation has been a noted but controversial actor in the building of needed infrastructures across the continent.

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The delegates heard, among the mission of its African agenda, China will increase its support for Africa in conflict prevention measures and ending conflicts by 2020 as part of a strategy to build its African Peace and Security Architecture, as a strategy to build on the China Belt and Road Initiative and support of the African Union’s Agenda 2063 initiative.