The Chinese government is fully capable of combating the epidemic caused by the novel coronavirus, Sudanese Foreign Minister Asma Mohamed Abdullah said Monday.

In a phone conversation with Chinese State Councillor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi, the Sudanese foreign minister expressed sincere sympathy and solicitude, on behalf of its government and people, to the Chinese government and people on the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, voicing belief that China will overcome the crisis as soon as possible.

Sudan and China enjoy special friendly relations, she noted, adding that Sudan is willing to carry out more pragmatic cooperation with China so as to lift bilateral ties to a higher level.

For his part, Wang said that when the Ebola epidemic broke out in Africa, China was the first to send charter flights to deliver emergency relief supplies and the first to dispatch medical teams to help fight the epidemic, which marked an important chapter in friendly relations between China and Africa.

Wang expressed belief that people of all African countries will stand firmly with the Chinese people in the fight against this epidemic.

China cherishes its traditional friendship with Sudan, said Wang, urging both sides to make full use of the two important platforms of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation and the Belt and Road Initiative to explore new areas and tap the potential for cooperation.

Wang stressed that China has the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China, the great ability to mobilise, and rich experience in handling public health emergencies.

China is mobilising the whole country to effectively adance the prevention and control of the epidemic and has achieved remarkable results, he said.

Since February 1, recovered cases has begun to outnumber dead cases, a sign that the epidemic is manageable and treatable, Wang said.

China is fully confident of winning the battle against the epidemic at an early date, Wang said, adding that China is not only responsible for the health of its people, but also contributing to the cause of safeguarding international public health.

China always attaches great importance to the health and life-safety of foreign nationals in China, including Sudanese expatriates, and is ready to continue to take effective protective measures, and address their legitimate and reasonable concerns in a timely manner, he said.