The New China-Europe Freight Train Chang’an that opened a new land route for the Belt & Road Initiative is on display at the third China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai, attracting attention of many Merchants from home and abroad.

A Meeting to promote Chang’an was held at the third expo on Thursday. Ambassadors and Commercial Counselor’s from Countries along the Belt & Road Route and China Railway’s Overseas Partners attended the meeting.

Since the first train was launched in 2013, Chang’an has constantly sped up and expanded its routes, thus becoming the fastest running and smartest China-Europe freight train covering the most extensive range of service area with the most complete service functions at the lowest overall costs.

“We hope to build contacts with more Belt and Road countries and deepen our cooperation, so as to share benefits brought by the high-quality development of China-Europe Freight Train Chang’an,” said Ma Xuanli, Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of the Xi’an International Trade & Logistics Park.

The e-commerce company of the Xi’an International Trade and Logistics Group, as Chinese commission agent of the Pratic, a famous Italian brand of laundry care, set up a booth to promote its products at the CIIE for the first time.

Italy is one of the main destinations of Chang’an train in Europe. The e-commerce company chose to serve this Italian brand as its agent because it believes its products are promising among Chinese consumers and Chang’an is capable to bring the cargo back in high speed.

“We’d like to promote our products in expanding markets with the help of such a national-level event. We hope to complete the building of downstream distribution channels, which could drive to stabilize the return cargo service of our China-Europe freight train Chang’an with the steady improvement of our selling ability,” said Liu Yao, Vice President of the e-commerce company.

To satisfy the cross-border e-merchants’ requirement for timeliness, the Chang’an train has constantly sped up in recent years, gradually coming up with new competitive advantages.

Chang’an began to cooperate with the DB-Cargo, the subsidiary of Germany’s Rail Company Deutsche Bahn (DB), to routinize the operation of Western Europe routes in 2018. And then the two sides launched the German Railway Express in 2019, which has realized weekly round trips to facilitate more cross-border e-commerce businesses.

“As the largest railway company in Europe, the DB has a very large group of clients on the continent, who will become an important source for return cargo of China-Europe Freight Train Chang’an in the future. We also hope to give full play to our own advantages and actively provide some support for Chang’an to achieve mutual assistance and win-win cooperation,” said Tang Hao, Vice President of the DB-Cargo.