China-Singapore (Chongqing) Demonstration Initiative on Strategic Connectivity (CCI)

Two Chrysanthemum producers in Yunyang County, southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality, signed a 60 ton export order with a Singaporean company on Monday.

This is not only the first order of local agricultural products exported in batches, but also the first business for the China-Singapore (Chongqing) Demonstration Initiative on Strategic Connectivity (CCI) promoting the export of Chongqing’s featured agricultural products.

Chrysanthemum is Yunyang’s featured agricultural product. At present, the planting area is 50,000 mu (over 3,300 hectares), involving about 20,000 households.

The output value of the two producers, Yunyang Wanyan Agricultural Development Co.,Ltd. and Yunyang Yunshan Agricultural Development Co.,Ltd., reached more than 100 million yuan (about 141,834 U.S. dollars), and their products have obtained organic certifications from many countries and organisations including the European Union, the United States and Japan.

“I pay great attention to the product hygiene and I think Yunyang Chrysanthemum can meet this demand,” said Lim Loiyam, Chairman of Sun Kee (Pte) Ltd, the Singaporean company.

“We have done all these certifications for customs and the foreign certifications, so that we can sell our products to many countries,” said Ran Xiuqing, Chairman of Yunyang Wanyan Agricultural Development Co.,Ltd..

The first order of business for the funds gained by this venture, is for the agricultural companies to arrange it to improve production.

“As soon as this product goes abroad, we will first give the funds to the agricultural companies, so that they can better arrange the funds for production,” said Wei Jie, Chairman of Chongqing Yumaotong Supply Chain Management Co.,Ltd., which is in charge of the order’s logistics.

Chongqing launched the CCI agricultural export project plan in June this year, aiming at integrating resources of western China and ASEAN and promoting trade facilitation for agricultural products.

With the chrysanthemum project as a sign, the “going global” pace of other Chongqing featured and advantageous agricultural products will be further accelerated.

“It is an important node which will be a very good demonstration and driving role for the promotion and in-depth expansion of our work,” said Sun Xiyong, Deputy Director General of the China-Singapore Demonstration Initiative on Strategic Connectivity Administration Bureau.

The CCI, a project aiming to build a new business card of international cooperation under the Belt & Road Initiative, has been underway for nearly four years since it was launched in November 2015.