China has made great achievements in poverty reduction, and set a model of success for countries around the world, said David Muldrow Beasley, Executive Director of the World Food Program on Tuesday in Rome, Italy.

During an exclusive interview with China Central Television, Beasley said he has visited China for more than 20 times, and he is deeply impressed by China’s achievements in agricultural development.

“I have travelled to many countries all over the world, but what has impressed me with China is their absolutely dedication to ending poverty and hunger throughout the country and in fact what I have seen the success story that really should be modelled in many places around the world, is that, China has reduced the number of people that is in extreme poverty, literally people that are really, well, going to bed hungry every night, over 800 million people in the past 40 years. That is a remarkable story,” he said.

Since 1978, China has lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty and provided more than 20 percent of the world’s population with 9 percent of the world’s arable land.

“You don’t reduce hunger by 800 million people by accident. It takes a lot of work. Food security is not a simple solution. It requires a comprehensive approach by any government, any society, and China has done an extraordinary job, not just in any particular area, but all throughout China, and of course when you get in the far remote areas that is more difficult, people to reach.

But when you look at the fact that the Chinese population where was 50 years ago, where it is today, the number of percentage people that were hungry 50 years ago compared today, it’s a success story across the entire country of China. The good news is they are not stopping, they’re trying to do their best,” said Beasley.

Beasley believes that China’s successful experience in poverty reduction should be shared with the world to help more developing countries and create a world free of hunger for all.

“How do you deal with each of these areas, the solutions that can then be replicated in other places of similar geography, topography, climate, etc in those countries. And so, for example, one of the things that the New Director General (DG) at FAO (Food & Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations), who is Chinese, that we’re doing, we’re identifying in five countries, and let’s start working on those five and how we can replicate model of success, show how we need to work together in the future to end hunger in those countries that will be the model of success,” said Beasley.

Beasley said he would strengthen cooperation with China and hoped that China and its Belt and Road initiative could play a bigger role in international affairs.

“I do want to say very clearly that we look forward to working with China to addressing hunger in countries all over the world, just like we do with all the nations around the world. So we are hopeful that every country we engage will try to improve their neighbour.

That’s how I see it. And I’m hopeful that the people of China, people in the United States, and people of other cultures around the world will find a way that we can have a peaceful path going forward, because the world deserves peace, and it’s critical that China, the United States and other nations of this strength find and forge a path forward, so that we will have an era of prosperity, and wealth, and success, and not war and conflict,” he said.