China will eliminate extreme poverty by this year’s end despite the COVID-19 Pandemic & other challenges, Cuban Researcher Eduardo Regalado said.

“Over the past few decades China has worked hard to lift around 800 million people out of poverty, which is a clear proof of its strong commitment to the world’s challenges,” said Eduardo Regalado, a Senior Researcher at Havana’s Center for the Study of International Politics.

“China has contributed to 70 percent of poverty reduction worldwide in keeping with the 2030 UN (United Nations) calls for collective action,” the expert said in a recent interview ahead of the 60th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Cuba on September 28.

“The results shown by China in poverty alleviation would not have been possible without the guidance of the Communist Party of China, which has been a fundamental pillar for achievements attained by the Chinese government and its people,” he said.

“Socialism with Chinese characteristics has been successful in eradicating extreme poverty as well as bringing prosperity and improvement of living conditions to its entire population,” said Regalado.

China has proved that “its economic model and public policies facilitate the eradication of extreme poverty” while developing the country with the support of a strong government and institutions, he said.

He said it is the result of reform and opening-up since 1978, which has not only lifted millions of people out of poverty but also provided them with economic stability.

Regalado said that China has been leading one of the greatest social and economic revolutions of all times because it could lift millions of people out of poverty in a very short period of time.

Chinese communities and towns, he said, have been transformed due to the effective management of the government, which has improved infrastructure, allocated funding, and promoted local development at the grassroots level.

The expert said that China has demonstrated that political will is indispensable to tackle economic and social problems, adding that the Chinese government has given paramount priority to extreme poverty alleviation.

“The Chinese government has not only contributed to the reduction of poverty nationwide but also conferred special importance to international cooperation programs in support of developing countries,” he said.

As to China’s Belt & Road Initiative, Regalado said, the project will boost international cooperation and lift millions of people living in the related regions out of poverty.

“China is already contributing to human resources training and technology transference in Latin America, a continent which can very much learn from the Chinese experience confronting poverty,” he said.

“Responsible governments focused on the national interest will be in better conditions to foster economic growth and achieve positive results in the fight against poverty,” said Regalado.

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