China has proven itself to be a responsible power as it has not only brought the COVID-19 Pandemic under control within its own borders, but has also helped other countries in their fight against coronavirus, while also working to restore the global economy, according to a senior Serbian Official and Uzbek Expert in recent interviews.

China has held an Awards Ceremony in Beijing on Tuesday to commend outstanding individuals, including renowned respiratory disease expert Zhong Nanshan, for the crucial roles they played in the nation’s fight against COVID-19, which has received wide support from other countries.

Serbian Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin said that President Xi Jinping’s speech at the awards ceremony deeply touched him.

While China was still racing against time to battle the disease, Chinese medical teams were dispatched to aid Serbia’s anti-epidemic efforts, he noted.

Vulin also said that the three months he spent working with Chinese doctors was an unforgettable experience, adding that China’s resumption of work and production has also brought vitality to other countries in the world.

“I am honored to work with Chinese anti-epidemic experts and have the opportunity to learn from them, and our whole country has also benefited a lot. We remember their promises and values and iron will. They came from afar, said goodbye to their family members and relatives, and chose to stay with us and contribute to our fight against the epidemic.

Those Chinese medical workers outside of the spotlight gave us firm faith like family, making us realize that we are not alone during the battle against the virus and firmly believe that a friend in need is a friend indeed,” said Vulin.

“China was the first to restore the order of production and life thanks to the strong leadership of President Xi Jinping and economic measures taken by the Communist Party of China. China has emerged from the epidemic showing its powerful ability to repair and restore, exceeding what everyone thought, and bringing vitality to the economies of our other countries,” he added.

On June 1, Vulin presented military memorial medals to three members of a Chinese expert medical team to Serbia for their assistance in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Uzbek international affairs expert Falhout Tollipov also said that during the global fight against the pandemic, China has displayed the image of a responsible big power.

“The Chinese government provided anti-epidemic assistance and support including medical and humanitarian supplies to many other countries. It needs to be pointed out that a large-scale Chinese medical expert team came to Uzbekistan to help our medical works prevent and control the epidemic,” said the expert.

Tollipov also believes that the cooperation between central Asian countries and China will enter a new stage of development after the outbreak eases. He’s especially looking forward to Belt and Road related projects.

“On the whole, when the pandemic is over and everything goes back to normal, China will continue to actively promote the joint development of the Belt and Road, and many projects will be in full swing. We can look forward to a new level of Ukraine-China relations.

Moreover, China’s relations with countries that are adjacent to it including Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan will also continue to improve under the Belt and Road framework. That is significant,” said the expert.