China has made massive achievements in economy, livelihoods, technology and education in a relatively short time, Syria’s former Ambassador to China Khalaf al-Jarad said in a recent interview.

Al-Jarad, who served as Syria’s Ambassador to China of 2009-2011, made the remarks as the world is observing the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

The former Ambassador’s knowledge in the Chinese community and economic situation has enabled him to predict a “very promising future” for China.

He said that the progress made in China has been done in a time frame that is considered short in comparison with the time needed for development in other countries.

China has “dramatically become a huge and powerful rising nation on various levels,” he said.

“China has given chances for millions of people to partake in the economic, social, cultural and political life,” he said, adding that millions of Chinese farmers have moved from simple agricultural means to more modern and advanced technology that put it on par with other major countries.

Thanks to the progress and its positive outcome, the livelihoods of the Chinese people have largely improved, al-Jarad said.

He noted that the Chinese experience cannot be left unread. The young generations in China are educated and hold high degrees, he said, adding that the new generations also possess high professional skills that enable them to be engaged quickly in the industrial production.

He pointed out that China has become one of the most advanced industrial countries as its products are competing to be the top in the world in terms of production and capital accumulation, as well as levels of scientific, technical and economic progress.

He expressed confidence that China will keep on walking steadily toward a promising future.

Regarding the Chinese Belt & Road Initiative, the former Ambassador described it as a very important initiative that has humanitarian, cultural and civilizational goals.

He noted that the initiative will have a major historic role in the prosperity of the peoples of the world.

The former Ambassador added that the initiative contains plenty of cultural prosperity features, noting that China produces nothing short of peaceful, humanitarian and cultural projects.

“I am sure that the near tomorrow will be in favour of China that has given a lot of useful things to the world,” he concluded.