Pakistani Teachers & Students participated in China-Pakistan Ocean Information Seminar held at Harbin Engineering University.

The theme of this training course mainly included hydro acoustic principle, underwater acoustic communication, underwater acoustic transducer and acoustic measurement, the Chinese media reported on Saturday.

In recent years, Harbin Engineering University, located in Harbin, the ice city by the Songhua River in China has opened a study channel for Pakistani students.

From 2010 to now, the universities of China and Pakistan have also decided to cooperate and build joint laboratories, exchanges and exchanges between teachers and students.

A third year doctoral student at the school from Pakistan said his research direction is underwater magnetic induction communication and network, that is, the magnetic field is used as a carrier to transmit information by changing the magnetic field strength.

“Harbin Engineering University does not rely on the sea, but we are exposed to very developed underwater research here and have seen a broader and deeper underwater world,” he added.

Qiao Gang, Deputy Dean of the School of Hydroacoustic Engineering at Harbin Engineering University said China and Pakistan have deep cooperation potential in marine construction.

From technical exchanges to talent training, from educational cooperation to cultural mutual learning, the “One Belt, One Road” initiative has brought new development opportunities to both countries and has enabled more countries to share educational and technological development achievements.

Today, many international students who graduated from Harbin Engineering University have returned to Pakistan to participate in marine information perception and utilisation, marine resource development, and sea route construction, and become important local scientific research talents and technical backbones.

Qiao Gang said in future, the school would explore more “going out” projects, conduct joint research, and let some Chinese teachers to go to Pakistan for short-term teaching and lead more local students to explore the world of the sea.