Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjarto said that China plays a leading role in multilateralism and global politics with its economic power, and plays a stabilising role as a big country in the world.

In an exclusive interview, Szijjarto said Hungary respects a lot what the Chinese leadership made in order to decrease the level of poverty and help hundreds of thousands of people get out of poverty.

New market opportunities are appearing for high quality and sophisticated products, he said. Small countries like Hungary, which compete in a qualitative rather than quantitative way, would benefit from such development opportunities in China.

Having been to China multiple times, the Minister said China’s technological development has impressed him the most.

“The technological solutions and new know-hows offered by China are remarkable. That’s why we are interested in having more and more Chinese investments in Hungary because these investments represent a very high level of technology and they contribute to the modernisation of our national economy,” he said.

He commended the two countries’ relations.

“We are happy that we have never had so good relations with China than currently. We enjoy very good cooperation both in the economy and politics.”

The Chinese leadership makes significant initiatives, which have a direct impact on Europe as well. The Belt & Road Initiative has opened up totally new channels for trade and international economic cooperation, Szijjarto added.

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