Under the Belt & Road Initiative, Chinese enterprises and scientific research institutions in Poland have been promoting mutually beneficial cooperation, bringing renewed vitality to the development of both sides.

China and Poland cooperate widely in the field of high-tech innovation, and Chinese enterprises in Poland have played a significant role in creating jobs and improving the local economic structure. Supported by the local government, many Chinese enterprises have established their European research and development centres in Poland.

“The strategy of the government at the moment is to move the economy away from imitation into innovation. So this is a perfect example of the type of investment which we wholeheartedly fully support,” said Tadeusz Koscinski, the Deputy Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology of Poland.

One of those companies is Chinese home appliance manufacturer TCL.

Its research and development centre in Warsaw, the capital city of Poland, focuses on areas like new semiconductor display, artificial intelligence, big data, 5G application and industrial internet.

“Poland and some Eastern European countries have very good technology and ability in the mathematical foundation, and artificial intelligence is actually an in-depth learning and big data computing. So the research and development centre in Poland is a daring try, which enables us to use a local intelligent resource in Europe to develop relevant technology that supports our global marketing,” said Li Dongsheng, chairman of TCL Corp.