China promoting Traditional Chinese Medicine on the “Belt & Road”  and will improve the level of service in Medical Care

The 4th “One Belt One Road” Traditional Chinese Medicine Development Forum was held yesterday. The theme of this forum is “Traditional Chinese Medicine Helps Build a Community of Human Health.”

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Since the “Belt & Road Initiative” was put forward, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine has actively promoted the participation of traditional Chinese medicine in the construction of the “Belt & Road”, and has achieved remarkable results in the areas of policy communication, resource exchange, people-to-people connections, science and technology, and trade.

Du Feijin, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal People’s Congress and deputy secretary of the Party Leadership Group, said that in recent years, Beijing has seized the major opportunities of the “Belt & Road Initiative” and has continuously promoted new results in the cause of Chinese Medicine.

Beijing makes full use of existing intergovernmental cooperation mechanisms to provide policy support for foreign cooperation in Chinese medicine. On May 1 this year, the revised “Regulations of Beijing Municipality on Traditional Chinese Medicine” was formally implemented, proposing to “support Chinese medicine medical services, scientific research, personnel training, and foreign cooperation in cultural communication.”

Beijing actively participates in the research and formulation of development strategies, policy trends, standards and norms of international organisations, and creates an international environment conducive to the overseas development of Chinese medicine.

In terms of resource sharing and deepening cooperation, Beijing supports excellent Chinese medicine institutions in cooperating with overseas countries to build Chinese medicine centres, combining common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases in different countries to provide traditional Chinese medicine and health care services.

In 2016, the Master of Chinese Medicine course jointly undertaken by Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, the University of Barcelona and Pompeo Fabra University was launched.

This class was the first master’s degree program of Chinese Medicine recognised by a European country and pioneered the training of international Chinese medicine talents. New model.

Beijing has also actively used sister city activities to promote traditional Chinese medicine, and has carried out traditional medicine cooperation at different levels and contents with Singapore, Japan, Greece, Brazil and other countries.

In terms of unimpeded trade and helping “anti-epidemic”, Beijing supports Tongrentang and other powerful Chinese medicine companies to open up overseas markets and build a transnational marketing network.

Make full use of new formats such as “Internet+” to launch the “Beijing Remote Health Service Platform” to provide programs and product services for overseas Chinese, overseas students, foreigners in Beijing, etc., and organise traditional Chinese medicine experts and overseas scholars to carry out academic exchanges on epidemic prevention experience. Play an active role in the global “anti-epidemic”.

At present, Beijing has entered a new period of the “14th Five-Year Plan” in an all-round way. According to reports, Beijing will focus on building a new domestic and international dual-cycle development pattern, further improve the level of service trade in key areas such as medical care, and lead and promote the capital’s high-quality development with a higher level of opening up.

Give full play to the leading role of the first good area, actively promote the construction of “One Belt One Road” Chinese Medicine, promote the high-quality development of Chinese medicine service trade, and make Chinese medicine better serve the global human health.