A Chinese Envoy on Friday told the United Nations Security Council that China has been actively tackling climate change while stressing that all countries should implement the obligations under the Paris Agreement.

“China has been actively tackling climate change and implementing the Paris Agreement while fighting COVID-19 and promoting economic Recovery”

Zhang Jun, permanent representative of China to the United Nations, told the Council’s ministerial-level open debate on “climate and security” in open video conference format.

“We pursue green development, put people first, and make every effort to address environmental issues to meet our people’s aspiration for a better life. China earnestly implements the basic state policy of resource conservation and environmental protection, and promote ecological progress to build a beautiful China,” said the Ambassador.

On the achievements that China has scored in climate action, Zhang said that China’s carbon dioxide emission in 2018 was 45.8 percent lower than 2005, meeting the emission reduction target two years ahead of schedule.

In 2018, the share of non-fossil fuels in China’s total energy consumption reached 14.3 percent. A quarter of the world’s newly afforested area since 2000 is in China. The Chinese people now enjoy more blue skies thanks to the improvement of air quality.

“We are vigorously promoting international climate cooperation, advancing the development of a Green Silk Road, helping relevant Countries develop renewable energy projects such as hydro power, wind power and photo-voltaics to achieve energy transition and green development, setting an example for the international community,” the Ambassador added.