China will Implement a New Railway Operating Plan on Wednesday to further improve the Country’s Railway Passenger and Freight Transport Capacity.

A total of 325 Passenger Trains, as well as 114 Freight Trains for major cargo transport lines, will be added bringing the total number of passenger trains to 10,0203 and that of freight trains to 20,513, said China State Railway Group Co., Ltd.

The Railway Operator will make full use of the new line resources to enhance regional transport capacity.

The Newly-opened Lianyungang-Zhenjiang high-speed Railway will operate 124 trains per day, allowing passengers to travel smoothly among the northern and central parts of Jiangsu Province and the Yangtze River Delta.

The Zhengzhou-Taiyuan high-speed railway will shorten the travel time between the two cities from three hours 38 minutes to two hours 23 minutes. It operates 74 trains per day.

The loop line in northern Xinjiang & the Ge’ermu-Ku’erle Railway will operate six passenger trains and 10 freight trains every day, ending the history of railway impassibility between the southern and northern parts of Xinjiang.

China Railway Jinan Group Co Ltd. increased 29 passenger trains and arranged 99 temporary passenger trains for Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and northeast China to reduce passenger density in trains.

Meanwhile, freight transport such as the China-Europe freight train service will be improved to better support the Belt & Road Initiative and China’s foreign trade. A total of 114 freight trains will be added to major freight lines, including 73 trains for the China-Europe freight route and 30 trains for the China-Asia freight route.