The People’s Republic of China’s Newly appointed Ambassador to Qatar, Zhou Jian addressing his first Press Conference in Doha, said that China and Qatar are good partners expecting more Development & Investment between both the Countries.

The Ambassador said, our mission is to integrate the Belt & Road Initiative with Qatar’s “2030 National Vision”, so as to contribute to Qatar’s Economic Diversity & Independence.

Ambassador Zhou Jian
Photo: Chinese Ambassador to Qatar, Zhou Jian.

Zhou Jian pointed out that Qatar is among the first group of Countries joining the “One Belt One Road” Initiative and a founding member of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).

Chinese Manufacturers have been encouraged to Invest and open new factories in Qatar as part of the strong and friendly Qatar-China Relationship; Ambassador Zhou Jian.

“China’s development is Qatar’s opportunity. We can integrate our development strategies; enhance our cooperation with energy as the core, infrastructure as the key, financial investment as the new starting point & strengthening people-to-people exchanges. In this way, we can build a community with shared energy, shared interest and shared destiny.”

He said that work is underway to get more top Chinese Officials to visit Qatar and meet their Qatari friends to discuss further cooperation in their specific areas. The CEO of China National Petroleum Corp is set to visit Qatar next month for discussions in the field of energy. “In future, we will expand our mutual trust.”

Bilateral Energy Cooperation, the Chinese Ambassador said that it is the bedrock of bilateral relations. “Oil and gas is the core of Qatar’s economy and Qatar is increasing its LNG production. Meanwhile in China, the demand of natural gas is skyrocketing, as we are pursuing for green, low-carbon, sustainable development to fulfil our promise in climate change. 

At present, Qatar has become China’s second largest source of LNG import. Hundreds of millions of Chinese people are using the gas from Qatar.”

The Ambassador said, in 2018 companies from both sides signed a new long-term contract. “China is the largest growing market for natural gas, which brings Qatar new strategic opportunities. With China’s huge market of 1.4 billion people, a bright future is waiting for us,” he added.