Chinese authorities have called for efforts to ensure stable and smooth China-Europe rail freight transport to facilitate the fight against the novel coronavirus and help normalise the industrial chains.

The office of the leading group on advancing Belt & Road Development urged full support to ensure transportation capacities and meet the rail freight service demand to mitigate the virus impacts.

More efforts will be made to optimise the business environment and simplify operation procedures, with reasonable service plans to enhance transportation efficiency, according to the office.

It also stressed technology innovation and international cooperation in the rail freight transport.

Initiated in 2011, the China-Europe rail transport service is considered a significant part of the Belt & Road Initiative to boost trade between China and Countries participating in the program. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the service remained a reliable transportation channel.

The freight trains have also been playing a crucial role in helping with the fight against the pandemic in Europe as massive quantities of medical supplies were sent by them.

From March 21 to the end of April, anti-pandemic supplies totalling 660,000 items and weighing 3,142 tonnes were sent by the freight trains to European countries such as Italy, Germany, Spain and the Czech Republic, according to China State Railway Group.