China will firmly honor the pledge of making COVID-19 vaccines a global good and continue to enhance its vaccine cooperation with Hungary, President Xi Jinping said in a phone conversation with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

President Xi said the close cooperation of China and Hungary, especially on vaccines, reflected the high-level political mutual trust between the two countries and added resilience and vitality to the bilateral relationship.

China has sent three shipments of vaccines to Hungary. Both Orban and Hungarian President Janos Ader have gotten Chinese vaccines. Hungary is the only European Union country to use Chinese vaccines under an emergency protocol and has a leading vaccination rate among EU Nations.

Hungary is not only part of the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI), but was the first European Country to sign the BRI cooperation agreement with China.

President Xi also said that China speaks highly of Hungary for upholding the policy of friendship with China as well as its important contributions to promoting cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European Countries.

President Xi said China stands ready to maintain close strategic communication with the central European nation, consolidate political mutual trust and deepen practical cooperation guided by major projects like the Belgrade-Budapest Railway.

He called on the nations to jointly address risks and challenges and to push for constant development in their comprehensive strategic partnership to better benefit their peoples.

Orban expressed thanks for China’s support for containing the pandemic in his country and welcomed more Chinese companies to invest in Hungary.