China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi says that the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) will form a Contact Group to help in a political settlement in Afghanistan to put an end to the long-lasted war. He made the remarks in a meeting with his Kyrgyz counterpart Chingiz Aidarbekovin Beijing.

‘We will make the SCO Afghanistan contact group to play a better role so we can speed up the political settlement of Afghanistan internal issues,’ said Wang.

This comes as Chinese ambassador to Afghanistan Liu Jinsong met with Mr. Idrees Zaman, Deputy Afghan Foreign Minister, where the two sides exchanged thoughts on China-Afghanistan relations and the 3rd Kabul Process Conference in a cordial setting.

Moreover, in a separate meeting, Chinese envy Jinsong and Masoud Andarbi the newly-appointed Acting Minister of Interior Affairs had discussed China-Afghanistan cooperation on law enforcement.

‘Liu hoped the two countries will improve cooperation in countering terrorism, combating transnational crimes, safeguarding the Belt and Road Initiative, and fighting narcotics use. Andarabi is optimistic and looks forward to performing his new duty to the best of his abilities,’ Chinese embassy in Afghanistan wrote in his twitter account.

Having visited China multiple times, Andarabi said that the two countries have been making steady progress in bilateral relations and the Afghanistan people are glad to have China as a good neighbour.

‘China never interferes in Afghanistan’s internal affairs, treats Afghanistan as an equal, respects its sovereignty and territorial integrity, and genuinely helps the country in achieving peace and stability,’ Andarabi said.