A Chinese Envoy said Friday that China will definitely work hard to defend the fundamental interests of developing countries in the coming years.

Some Countries face challenges in achieving balanced development in the globalisation process, Zhang Jun, China’s New Permanent Representative to the United Nations, said while meeting with reporters from major International Media including the Associated Press (AP), Reuters, Bloomberg News, and others at the UN Headquarters in New York.

“So what China wants to do is to promote national, regional, and global connectivity,” said Zhang. “So with the connectivity, we are able to help those landlocked countries connected with the global value chain, and then to be benefited from the globalised industrialisation.”

Zhang said that the Belt & Road Initiative has received a broad support and understanding from the international community.

Most of the member states of the United Nations are developing countries, and most of the population of the world is living in developing countries, said the Chinese Ambassador, adding that it is essential to create better conditions for the development of developing countries.

“Among all human rights, the right of development is one of the fundamental rights,” he added. “Developing countries are making progress, but still, in comparison with advanced economies, they are still left behind.”

Although China has made great progress in the past four decades after the opening up and reform process, it is still facing the challenges of imbalance, such as the imbalance between urban areas and rural areas, he said. China is “one hundred percent a developing country, and we still need to catch up,” he added.