Sunday, February 28, 2021
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Hong Kong
Port of Shanghai - China (Belt and Road)

Shanghai Gains Ground as Global Financial Hub

City's 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25) highlights role of STAR Market, registration-based initial public offering mechanism As an indisputable global financial center, there...
Solar & Wind Energy

Proposals for Green China

Two Political Advisors have investigated parts of China in the past year for giving suggestions on building a Green China, as...
FM Wang Yi

China-Mongolia Relationship Enters Fast-Track: Wang Yi

Relations between China and Mongolia have entered fast-track in recent years with fruitful results gained through practical cooperation, Chinese State Councilor...
Sri Lanka & China Flags

China Ready to help Sri Lanka Enhance Anti-Epidemic Cooperation

China is ready to enhance anti-epidemic cooperation with Sri Lanka, continue to provide vaccine assistance to the country and take concrete...
Fake News

Australian Media accuses China of Causing ‘debt traps’ through Belt & Road

The fact that China has been expanding its influence in the world while sharing its growth dividend with partner countries through...
Ürümqi Diwopu International Airport - China

Xinjiang has seized Opportunities brought by Belt & Road Initiative

Zimbabwe's Ruling Party expressed its Support for the Chinese Government in taking measures to protect and bring prosperity to the people...
China's Central Bank

People’s Bank of China Supports Asian Digital Currency

Project to explore cross-border Fund Transfers & Real-time Settlements China has joined a multilateral central bank digital currency project in Asia for...

Dual Circulation, New Stimulus for Belt & Road Cooperation

The Belt & Road Initiative is an important platform for supporting dual circulation, China's new development model consisting of the domestic...
Wang Wentao

China, Only Major Economy to See Trade Growth in 2020

China was the only major economy in the world to register positive growth in foreign trade in 2020, said Minister of...

Belt & Road Connection: Uzbekistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan Railway

The three countries agreed on a roadmap for building a new railway, but what are the prospects of, and problems along,...