China’s huge achievements in development have reverberated on other countries and provide examples for the world to learn from, a senior Syrian political advisor has said.

Through the values based on equality and peace and its massive achievements, China has set an example of how the global human community should be established, Bouthaina Shaaban, Syria’s political and media advisor to the presidency, said in an interview.

Shaaban, who has been a presidential advisor since 2008, shared her views on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

Mentioning the speech delivered last week by Chinese President Xi Jinping at the grand celebration to mark the anniversary, Shaaban said Xi’s address contained several key messages and one of them was that a strong China would go hand in hand with a strong international community.

On the National Day that fell on October 1st, Xi told the world that

China will stay on the path of peaceful development and pursue a mutually beneficial strategy of opening-up

China does not follow some Western nations’ idea of weakening other countries to be strong, she said, adding that “there is no contradiction between strengthening China and strengthening the world.”

Shaaban said she was impressed that China has maintained its unique characteristics and traditions while moving forward with this legacy to achieve further prosperity.

The technological advancement is one of the things Shaaban is interested in, particularly how China has made big stride in 5G technology. Shaaban said she also admired the rapid urban development in China, citing the recent inauguration of the Beijing Daxing International Airport.

The leadership of the Communist Party of China has played a very significant role in the progress of China, the politician said.

Arab countries should learn from China, said Shaaban, noting that the Belt & Road Initiative will reflect positively on Arab countries, as the initiative is based on consultation and cooperation.

On bilateral ties, Shaaban said that the relations between the two countries are historical since the days of the ancient Silk Road and should become even deeper and more robust due to the positive role China could play in Syria’s investment, infrastructure and many other areas.

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