China’s development success is not only of great significance in itself but also has a positive impact on the world economy, President of the Moldovan Parliament Zinaida Greceanii has said.

Greceanii expressed her admiration for China’s extraordinary achievements in reform, opening-up, and modernization in a recent interview.

She said the Chinese people have embarked on a path of sustainable development and prosperity since the founding of the People’s Republic of China 70 years ago.

“China has made remarkable achievements in various fields such as economy and society,” she said, underlining that at present, the country has entered a stage of high-quality development and ushered in new development prospects.

Greceanii said that China has shown the world how a once poor and backward country has completely changed through the leaders’ forward-looking vision and the hard work of its people.

“The successful experience of China’s economic development is undoubtedly an inspiring example for our country” Parliament Greceanii said.

Greceanii said the reason for China’s incredible economic development and social prosperity is that it has successfully combined its socialist system with a market economy and made full use of its human resources and all other positive factors.

When it comes to the Belt & Road Initiative, she emphasized that the idea is globally relevant

She also said Moldova must “seize this opportunity” to fully tap its potential and actively participate in the building of the Belt & Road, especially in the construction of infrastructure and renewable energy.

She said Moldova is in urgent need of a large amount of foreign investment and technology in developing its solar and wind energy.

At the same time, its transportation infrastructure must be changed as soon as possible in order to strengthen contact with neighbouring and other countries.

Greceanii is the leader of the Party of Socialists, the largest party in the Moldovan Parliament. She was elected President of the One-Chamber Parliament on June 8.