China’s Development regarding its economic flourishing, great contributions to the shared prosperity of the world and fight against poverty in the past 70 years have become an example for Pakistan and other countries, Pakistani President Arif Alvi has said.

In a recent interview, the President said that socialism with Chinese characteristics, which integrates a market economy into socialism, has given play to the massive productivity of the nation to contribute to the country’s economic development and helped the country lift hundreds of millions of people out of poverty under the leadership of the Communist Party of China.

“I have personally witnessed the changes in China,” he said, recalling that he has been to the country for “a number of times.”

“I’m greatly impressed by the environment there,” the President said, adding that the way China made its huge population a strength “is commendable.”

“So I think the world should learn from China. In fact, Pakistan is trying to learn from China how the fast progress does come around,” he said.

The President said that after seven decades of development, China has become one of the major trading hubs and manufacturers of the world, promoting the flow of goods through the Belt & Road Initiative.

Referring to the support China provides to other countries, the President said that China offers its development aid “with no political strings” attached, and praised China for its tremendous efforts to help countries in Africa and Latin America.

Talking about the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), he said that the corridor itself is not only a road, but also an economic corridor in which the first focus was to enable Pakistan to generate electricity.

“The second phase of the CPEC is also coming along,” said Alvi. “I believe the second phase is going to be people-centric to look at benefits for society. We are also looking at uplifting the people by giving employment and giving the benefits. So the CPEC is a very comprehensive project.”

“In fact, what we believe in and what we see is the way China came out of its own poverty and became a very good advanced developing nation in almost everything, whether it is space exploration, whether it is artificial intelligence, or software technology or digitisation of the economy,” the President said.

“China has made much more progress than anybody … So I believe we need to emulate the good things China did … So I think Pakistan can learn from China and the CPEC project,” he said.

On the friendship between the two countries, the President said that Pakistan is proud of the friendship with China as both countries share the same view on global issues, believe in the principle of non-interference in other countries’ internal affairs, and stand fast in defending their territorial integrity.

“The Pakistan-China friendship serves as a model for other countries,” said Alvi. “I hope and pray that Pakistan and China friendship will further strengthen.”