Thanks to its political stability, technology advancement and a peaceful foreign policy, China is today in a position to inspire global development through mutually beneficial cooperation with Countries, said Serbian Member of Parliament (MP) Jovan Palalic.

Palalic, who is also the general secretary of the Serbian People’s Party, made this remark when commenting on China having made huge achievements since the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949.

Above all, the Serbian legislator praised the lasting political stability in the Asian nation as vital to its economic independence and prosperity.

“What impresses me most is definitely the fact that China has maintained its internal stability, which has enabled it to disregard all the pressures and attempts to divert it from its own path,” Palalic said in a recent interview.

He attributed the political stability in China to the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC), whose foresight has enabled national strategic choices to sustain fast growth, as well as to the confidence by the Chinese people in the CPC leadership and the national development agenda it has set.

“China has managed to strengthen its state sovereignty and economic independence,” he added.

The Chinese leadership has foreseen the economic trend worldwide and noticed that scientific and technology advancement is a growth driver, he said, underscoring China’s huge input in education and scientific research.

Meanwhile, China’s economy prospered to help shape its technological lead, said Palalic.

“The technological development of China is impressive,” Palalic said, adding that China has become a front runner in the technological development, with artificial intelligence (AI), digitisation and Smart City being its name card to distinguish itself from others.

Moreover, China shares its development results in win-win cooperation approaches such as the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI), said the Serbian legislator.

Palalic also deems the BRI as an extension of China’s peaceful foreign policy. Regardless of other country’s size and influence, China has set the dialogue on an equal footing and with respect, he said.

“This is why more and more countries participate in the Initiative,” said Palalic.

Citing Serbia as an example for partnership with China under the BRI framework, he said the mutually beneficial cooperation covers a wide range of areas including trade, infrastructure and high tech, while noting an increased presence of Chinese companies in his country, which have set up offices or voiced such intentions.

Palalic said the new technologies those Chinese enterprises bring along will benefit Serbia’s overall development, and provide an opportunity for the Balkan state to become “a tech centre for this part of Europe and a bridge between China and the European Union (EU).”

The Belt & Road helps distribute the benefits of China’s technological development around the world, he said, adding that “this will be significant to all mankind.”