Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to China spoke highly of China’s efforts in Poverty Alleviation and thanked China for its Support to his Country in various of fields.

The United Nations has listed Sierra Leone as one of the least developed Countries in the world. As an Ambassador from that Country, Ernest Mbaimba Ndomahina said he is especially interested in China’s measures to eradicate poverty and has traveled to different provinces to learn about the policies in person.

“You go to cities, towns, you don’t know where you are because it’s like every city, town are doing very well. Imagine 800 million people out of poverty within four decades, that is outstanding and so which means you have to change your mindset out of poverty then poverty will go away from you. And that mindset is what I have seen in the people of this great nation China,” said Ndomahina.

The president of Sierra Leone visited Beijing in August 2018, with the two countries agreeing to strengthen cooperation in education, fishing, health and infrastructure. After more than two years, many commitments made by China have already been fulfilled.

“The Chinese side, they have done what the agreement states, example with Belt & Road Initiative, the that 250 million RMB, also the assistance in food supply to the tune of 50 million RMB that has also been done.

Again, I want to extend my thanks and appreciation to the People’s Republic of China for the great support we are getting for our country Sierra Leone,” said the Ambassador.

As for the accusation of China’s so-called “debt trap diplomacy” in Africa, Ndomahina thinks it is totally absurd, adding that African countries know what they are doing.

“Well, let’s say yes, a lot of loans to Africa from China, that is fact. Well, let’s look at the fact of what would triggers the impact. The impact in terms of infrastructure, the impact in terms of what the livelihood of the people are and so that aspirations or claims, to me, again, it’s absorbed at least, but important for you to understand the fact and to also know that Africa is not a baby, that that just goes into a loan without knowing what they’re going for,” he added.