China’s experience in fighting the novel coronavirus is worth learning, Former Egyptian Ambassador to China Mohamed Noman Galal has said.

The measures taken by China to combat the virus are “strong, swift and well-organised,” said Galal, also Member of the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs, in a recent interview.

Former Ambassador Galal
Photo: Former Egyptian Ambassador to China Mohamed Noman Galal.

“The Chinese Communist Party’s leadership succeeded in confronting the ordeal so far; the Chinese government has stood the test and pressure of the virus,” Galal said.

“No one could blame China for the spread of the virus,” said Former Diplomat.

He described China’s swift response to the situation as positive, saying that China has adopted a series of quick stringent measures, rather than waiting in the passivity.

The Chinese experience is also featured by the strong cooperation among the Chinese political leadership, specialists and people of all walks of life, he said.

“No One can blame China for the Spread of Virus”

“Other Countries should learn from the Chinese experience in fighting the epidemic and the international community should cooperate in preventing its spread,” Galal said.

China has cooperated with the international community in the anti-epidemic fight in a “transparent” way since China has provided information and researches about the disease and sent experts to many countries, he said.

The Chinese Government has announced assistance to 82 countries, the World Health Organisation and the African Union, including test kits, masks and protective suits. Many batches of supplies have reached the recipients, China’s Foreign Ministry said Friday.

Galal also commended China’s efforts to explore treatment for COVID-19.

In addition, he refers to China’s Belt & Road Initiative as a good tool for promoting Medical exchanges among the Members.

Galal believes the cooperation between Egypt and China is efficient during the crisis, noting that the visit of Egyptian Health Minister Hala Zayed, to China earlier this Month is important for Egypt to learn from China’s experience and strengthen coordination over the crisis.

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