The 2019 China International Digital Art Exhibition kicked off in Beijing’s Daxing district on Sunday.

This is the first digital exhibition in China to take the Belt & Road Initiative as its theme. The exhibition features the works of 27 Chinese artists including Fei Jun, Bo Hua and Xu Zhongmin and will later take their artworks across Eurasia to the capitals of Italy and Kyrgyzstan, two members of the Belt & Road Initiative, from October 27 to November 10.

The most attractive feature of the digital exhibition is its participatory and interactive design. Chinese artist Lin Junting’s artwork Appear captured the audience’s attention at the opening ceremony.

Audiences can use an iPad to scan spells in a frame hung on the wall and the iPad will show the moving pictures of a phoenix or dragon. By moving the iPad, the pictures will be shown projected onto the surrounding environments such as the floors and walls.

Exhibition planner Wang Boqiao introduced at the opening ceremony that the combination of culture and internet is developing fast.

“With the Belt & Road Initiative, the member countries can know the latest process of China’s digital arts,” said Wang.