Describing COVID-19 as a common threat for mankind that needs to be defeated by joint efforts, a Georgian Official has applauded China’s commitment to cooperating with the global community in the anti-virus fight, and called on the world to stick together to fight the Public Health Crisis.

“Chinese people have demonstrated a high sense of discipline and responsibility in the fight against the Coronavirus. They have made tremendous sacrifices to successfully curb the spread of the pandemic in a relatively short time, which has won precious time for the world”, said David Saganelidze, CEO of Georgia’s state-run Partnership Fund & Member of the Ruling Georgian Dream Party.

China’s Top Leader recently proposed major measures to promote global anti-coronavirus cooperation at the 73rd World Health Assembly, which is very significant for the world today, he added.

Saganelidze spoke highly of the Cooperation between Georgia & China on fighting COVID-19, saying “it has opened a new page for bilateral friendship.”

“After the outbreak of the virus in China, Georgian people tried their best to help China, while as soon as the virus began to spread in Georgia, we received even more medical supplies from China.

Those supplies were distributed to the medical units in various regions of Georgia by the Partnership Fund, and have greatly supported Georgia’s anti-coronavirus struggle,” he said.

Saganelidze added that the political and economic cooperation between Georgia and China has reached a very high level.

Georgia is the First Country in the Caucasus region to sign a free trade agreement with China, he said, adding that Georgia has been actively participating in the Belt & Road Initiative and is committed to strengthening its Cooperation with China.

“As the head of Georgia’s Intergovernmental Economic and Trade Cooperation Committee with China, I am satisfied with the development of cooperation between the two countries in various fields.”

“I am confident that Georgia-China relations will enjoy promising prospects,” he added.