For Deng Yuli, a 69 year old Chinese photography enthusiast, receiving acclaim from African viewers for his works of magnificent Chinese landscape made him proud.

The former financier, who picked up a camera after his retirement, has put on three photographic exhibitions themed on “Splendid China” respectively in Namibia, Nigeria and Ghana.

Travelling across China, Deng had captured numerous shots of historical sites and natural attractions from West Lake in the south to the snowscape in the north

The ongoing show in Africa presents a selection of about 100 photos.

“Under the Belt & Road Initiative, it is a good opportunity for me to share Chinese diversity with everybody here in Africa,” said Deng, adding that his trip to the three African countries gave him a strong sense that China-Africa cultural exchange had deepened.

Amb Anani Demuyakor, former Ghanaian Ambassador to China, told that those pictures came as a reminder of the past days he spent in China as a student and diplomat.

“The photographs are well-chosen, and it is quite enlightening for Ghanaians to know more about China,” he said, adding that he was looking forward to more such exchanges between the two countries.

Bibat Nuhu Ismaila, a Ghanaian viewer of the exhibition, said these exquisite pictures of Chinese scenery had ignited his interest to explore more stories behind them.

“Chinese culture is really amazing,” said Ismaila.

“I shall use my camera to do more to promote the people-to-people exchange between China and Africa,” said Deng.