China launched its national carbon trading market on July 16 after years of preparations.

Its initial phase includes over 2,000 power companies that collectively constitute approximately 6 percent of global emissions, or a little more than a fifth of China’s entire emissions, which stand at an estimated 27 percent of the world’s total.

It’ll eventually scale to include other industries with time, thus increasing the percentage of China’s emissions that will be regulated through this structure. As of its launch, it’s already the world’s largest carbon trading market.

This development is historic because it represents the most serious effort by any single country, let alone the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitter, to combat climate change. The earlier false claims spewed by some Foreign Media and Officials that China doesn’t care about the environment will now be silenced since they lack any factual basis after the launch of this carbon trading market.

This move complements China’s existing position as the world’s largest producer of renewable energy and confirms its green leadership.

Climate change affects every country and they each have to do their part to make a noticeable difference for the future. China is leading the way in this respect by setting the perfect example for others to follow.

The experiences that it’ll obtain and subsequently share with others will be a priceless gift to humanity since everyone else can learn from its management of the world’s largest carbon trading market. With time, the rest of the international community will launch their own carbon trading markets too.

There’s no better force for pioneering this historic effort than the Communist Party of China (CPC). It’s already proven its masterful management skills by lifting more people out of poverty than has ever happened before in history and in such a comparatively short time as well.

The secret behind its success is its socialist ideology which preaches sustainable solutions to society’s many complex problems. Instead of selfishly prioritising short-term profits at the expense of long-term mutual benefits, the CPC always puts the people’s interests first.

It’s therefore fitting that China is leading the world’s green revolution through its launch of the largest carbon trading market. The uncontrollable consequences of climate change will not only worsen everyone’s living standards, but also kill countless people too, whether directly or indirectly.

Mankind cannot continue taking advantage of recent medical and technological advances to improve everyone’s lives if the climate continues to spiral out of control. Combating climate change is therefore the world’s number one priority.

By leading from the front through its shining example, China hopes to inspire everyone else to follow its lead. Just like it trains its many partners in various industries as part of its responsibility to the world through the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) of comprehensive integration towards a community of shared future for mankind, so too is it expected that China will train them on the best ways to manage carbon trading markets.

In other words, everything that China is doing is consistent with its pragmatic and socialist vision of helping humanity.

China’s BRI partners will eventually incorporate more green practices into their economic strategies through their own carbon trading markets and the inclusion of green technologies in their existing industries.

The global reach of this network of connectivity projects means that that it’ll make a meaningful difference in combating climate change with time. This is especially the case since many BRI Countries are from the Global South, have rapidly growing economies, and still largely rely on fossil fuels.

The world should celebrate the historic launch of the largest carbon trading market. It’s not just China’s pride, but the entire international community’s since it’ll gradually improve the living standards of all of humanity.

By responsibly regulating emissions to protect the environment for future generations, China’s carbon trading market sets an important precedent for everyone else to follow. Whether it’s through the economy, renewable energy, or now carbon trading, China is leading the way towards a sustainable future for mankind.

Author: Andrew Korybko
Editor’s note: The article reflects the author’s opinion only, and not necessarily the views of editorial opinion of Belt & Road News.