Chinese President Xi Jinping announced on February 25, at the Conference marking China’s accomplishments in poverty eradication and commending role models and when the Communist Party of China is about to Celebrate its 100th Anniversary the Country has scored a complete victory in eradicating absolute poverty.

770 million rural residents have shaken off poverty within 40 years, accounting for 70 percent of the total poverty alleviation number worldwide.

Never in human history has a country made such a remarkable achievement during such a short period. What are the secrets behind China’s achievement?

First, the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China.

The Communist Party of China has been attaching great importance to poverty alleviation. Since 2012, President Xi Jinping has chaired 7 symposiums on poverty alleviation efforts, engaged in over 50 inspection tours to poverty-stricken areas and paid visits to 14 contiguous poor areas.

Giving top priority to the battle against poverty in its governance, the Communist Party of China organized the world’s largest and toughest poverty-relief campaign in human history. Heads of 22 provinces made the pledge to carry out poverty alleviation. After an unremitting struggle for 8 years, China finally embraced the historical achievement.

Second, People Centred approach to Achieve Common Prosperity

President Xi Jinping stresses that “the people’s aspiration for a better life is our goal”.

Shortly after the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Central Committee of the Party emphasized that the key to building a prosperous society is lifting the impoverished people out of poverty, and promised: “never to leave behind a single poverty-stricken area or any impoverished people”.

Third, Abundant Financial Support

The Chinese Government has been playing a key role in financial support. Since 2012 a total of nearly 1.6 trillion yuan (about MVR 3.8 trillion) was earmarked as special poverty alleviation funds by the central, provincial, municipal and county governments, of which 660.1 billion yuan (about MVR 1.57 trillion) from the central government.

Besides, 100.5 billion yuan (about MVR 239 billion) were funnelled in financial assistance and social assistance from nine eastern provinces and municipalities, and over 1 trillion yuan (about MVR 2.38 trillion) invested by enterprises in the eastern region.

Fourth, targeted poverty alleviation for sustainable development. China has built a targeted poverty alleviation mechanism. A registration system for the impoverished population was established. It highlights development as an essential means to end poverty. Education was considered critical to ending poverty across generations.

As the Maldivian proverb goes, “emyhaku kehi Kandulehge hithi filuvaany emyheke”. Encouraged by the poverty alleviation policies of the Communist Party of China, impoverished people’s enthusiasm and creativeness are ignited to shake off poverty with their own hard work.

Fifth, Mass Mobilization

China believes that poverty alleviation requires the participation of the whole nation, and launches wide-spread mobilization. All sectors are called upon to take part.

Poverty is the scourge haunting humankind, and poverty alleviation is the common goal of the International Community.

China has made great contribution to global poverty alleviation, and is willing to make joint efforts with developing countries like Maldives in the exchange of governance experience, cooperation in poverty alleviation, and promote Belt & Road Initiative so as to achieve common development through mutually beneficial co-operations.

Author: Chinese Ambassador to Maldives H.E. Zhang Lizhong on China’s success in eradicating Poverty.
Editor’s note: The article reflects the author’s opinion only, and not necessarily the views of editorial opinion of Belt & Road News.