Omani officials and experts underlined the importance of China’s top political advisor Wang Yang’s upcoming visit to the country.

They said the visit, which comes at a very important timing for both sides, is of great significance, particularly after bilateral relations were elevated to strategic partnership level.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry announced on Thursday that Wang, chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, will pay an official visit to Oman.

Mohammed Saad Al-Muqaddam, Professor of history at the Sultan Qaboos University and an expert on Omani-Chinese relations, said that mutual political trust has been deepened by the continuing friendship and steady cooperation in economy, trade, energy, culture and arts.

Muqaddam noted that bilateral relations have been crowned with elevation to strategic partnership last year, adding that the Omani-Chinese relations will head for wider range in the future.

Hatem al-Taie, Member of Omani State Council, said that the high-level visit by the Chinese official and his accompanying delegation is of special importance, adding the visit is expected to bring about more aspects of joint cooperation to the interests of both nations.

“The two sides are particularly keen on activating the principles of strategic partnership and the articles of the memorandum of understanding within the framework of the Belt & Road Initiative, signed by the two countries in May 2018,” Taie said.

He pointed out that Oman boasts the developed infrastructure for trade, services and business as it currently contributes to cementing all forms of economic cooperation with China.

Taie cited the Chinese-Omani Garden project in the Duqm Special Economic Zone, located 550 km north of the capital Muscat, terming it as “one of the most important ambitious economic joint ventures.”

Renowned Omani op-ed writer Ali bin Rashid al-Mutaani said the visit indicates the depths of relations and cultural bonds between the two countries.

“The deep-rooted relations between Oman and China may be manifested in the numerous spheres of cooperation, namely in the economic area, as trade exchange hit around 22 billion U.S. dollars in 2018,” Mutaani said.

Tourist cooperation between the two countries will strongly flourish and Oman will enhance efforts to attract more Chinese tourists, Mutaani added.