Hundreds of Chinese art lovers attended on Saturday the celebration held at the old historical Serail of Baabda in Lebanon for the upcoming 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

Political figures and diplomats from Lebanon and China addressed the event, which was received by the audience with much enthusiasm for the Chinese Culture and Arts.

Performers from China’s Anhui Opera and Dance Theater presented their stunning shows, including singing, dancing, playing instruments and carrying out acrobatic shows.

“We hope the Lebanese audiences learn more about the Chinese culture, especially Anhui’s culture, after enjoying the various performances,” Chang Haitang, president of the Anhui Opera and Dance Theater, told on the sidelines of the event.

This is the first time for his theatre to perform in Lebanon, but they are looking forward to future events given that the Chinese are very much welcomed in Lebanon and the Lebanese population is well educated and highly receptive of other cultures.

The celebration in Baabda was held in cooperation with the Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Chinese Embassy in Lebanon, Baabda municipality and APSAD, the Association for Protecting Natural Sites and Old Buildings.

Chinese Ambassador to Lebanon Wang Kejian said that Lebanon and China are great partners under the Belt & Road Initiative, and the two countries agreed to increase efforts to boost cultural and humanitarian exchange.

“We are planning now to build a Chinese Cultural Center in Beirut and we are launching as soon as possible our project of building a conservatory in Lebanon funded by the Chinese government,” Wang noted.

The ambassador also gave a brief overview of the performances played during the celebration, including a song called “Happy Days” about peace and prosperity.

“I am sure that the words of these songs express exactly what both the Lebanese and Chinese and all the populations in the world are looking for,” he said.

Meanwhile, Lebanese Culture Minister Mohammad Daoud said that the celebration reflects the deep relations between Lebanon and China.

“China has been of a great moral and financial support for Lebanon in different areas and fields,” he said.

Daoud praised China’s new project of building a conservatory which will cover 25,000 square meters in the northern Beirut suburb of Dbayeh.

Meanwhile, Raya Daouk, President of APSAD, said it is an honour for her to partner with China, a great country and culture.

A day earlier, the Chinese Embassy in Lebanon hosted a reception at Phoenicia Hotel in Beirut to mark the upcoming 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). The Chinese National Day falls on the 1st of October.