About 300 Culinary elite forming 30 teams from all over the world will showcase their cooking skills and explore the culture of Chinese Cuisine.

According to Bian Jiang, Vice President of China Cuisine Association and Executive Chairman of the Championship Organising Committee, both individual and team competitions will be staged for the first time since the annual event was initiated four years ago.

Bian made the remarks at a press conference in Beijing on Aug. 6.

Chinese Cuisine is very popular in the world and attracts many chefs to China in order to gain a better understanding of it, said Bian.

This event, sponsored by edible oil manufacturer Shandong Luhua Group, provides an opportunity to deepen exchanges between Chinese Cuisine loving Chefs. “More than a competition, it is a grand cultural feast,” he added.

To further exchanges among chefs from countries along the Belt & Road, the championship organising committee especially invited culinary experts from Pakistan, Nepal, the Maldives, Vietnam, and Mongolia to showcase their skills. Delegations from South Korea, Japan and Mexico will also join the competition.

Rick Stephen, Worldchefs’ Asia Continental Director, is the General Counsel of the culinary event. About 20 certified judges from across the world will score dishes in accordance with international rules. High quality food materials from Ecuador, the United States, Norway, and Argentina will be used.

Significantly, the culinary event will be convened during the 2019 Dalian International Beach Holiday which is expected to attract about six million visitors to Jinshitan National Tourist Resort. Visitors can not only watch the preparation of dishes on-site, but also taste the food.

Liu Jinhong, Director of the Administrative Committee of Dalian Jinshitan National Tourist Resort, believes the event will definitely boost the development of tourism and other related industries, and better publicise local specialities of Dalian.