China sets great store by relations with Belarus, Charge d’Affaires of China to Belarus Luo Zhanhui said at a meeting of the Young Diplomat club in the House of Friendship in Minsk on February 13. The diplomat noted that Belarus-China relations are very strong, Luo Zhanhui said;

“The Belarus-China friendship has a very solid political foundation, and we are determined to continue our cooperation with Belarus in all the areas” 

He also emphasised the importance of friendship between the two leaders, Alexander Lukashenko and Xi Jinping who regularly meet and discuss cooperation prospects.

The meeting was timed to the 40th anniversary of China’s policy of reforms and openness. Speaking at the meeting Luo Zhanhui focused on the country’s achievements over this period.

The diplomat underlined that China is not trying to impose its development model on other countries; it respects the sovereignty and independence of other states. “Each state should choose its own country-specific development path,” Luo Zhanhui said.

He drew attention to the peaceful nature of China’s foreign policy and its commitment to build mutually beneficial partnerships with all international stakeholders, including the nations taking part in the Belt and Road project, like Belarus.

Songs in Chinese and Belarusian were performed for the Chinese diplomat. Taking part in the meeting were students of Minsk-based universities who had an opportunity to ask the Chinese guest about China and its relations with Belarus.