The Chinese Embassy in the Czech Republic opened its gate for local college students and visiting students from China’s Hong Kong here on Friday, presenting exchange opportunities for them.

Various interesting activities such as tea ceremony and calligraphy were held on the day.

Visiting students from Hong Kong, the “Future Stars” international youth delegation, performed martial arts, dancing and singing of Chinese pop song “Love in Prague” and displayed Chinese traditional clothing Hanfu for the Czech students.

Czech guests were also invited to sing Czech folk songs at the stage.

Chinese Ambassador Zhang Jianmin gave a brief introduction to the students on the Sino-Czech relations and the development of the Belt and Road Initiative.

He said that China and the Czech Republic will celebrate the 70th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations this year and the two countries have witnessed rapid development in cooperation in many areas, such as tourism and education.

He asked the students of the two countries to serve as a bridge between the two sides like the famous Charles Bridge in Prague.