Chinese Enterprises Investment in Belt & Road Countries will maintain steady growth, and diversify its areas of cooperation, a Deloitte report showed.

Deloitte and the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce (SMCC) jointly issued the second Belt & Road Countries Investment Index Report, highlighting the latest trends in Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) investment during 2017 and 2018.

The report noted that China plays an increasingly important role in facilitating Belt & Road countries’ economic development by deepening trade ties, improving cooperation mechanisms and expanding areas of cooperation.

It pointed out that apart from traditional industries such as power, oil and petrochemicals, and transportation construction, the investment focus of Chinese enterprises will extend to sectors including leasing and business services, financial services, wholesale and retail, new and high technology.

The report indicated the overall investment attractiveness of Belt & Road Countries has risen, particularly in Southeast Asia, but the risks have also increased.

In 2017, Deloitte & SMCC issued the first Belt & Road Countries Investment Index Report.

With substantial changes in the economic, commercial and investment environment in 2018, there was substantial progress in BRI cooperation, the latest report said.