China’s Ambassador to the United Nations (UN) on Wednesday called for more Humanitarian assistance to Syria.

Zhang Jun, permanent representative of China to the UN, said there are still a large number of people in need of humanitarian assistance in Syria, while the political, economic, security and counter-terrorism situation is complicated and closely related to the humanitarian situation.

He told the Security Council that to solve humanitarian problems, overall plans and comprehensive approaches must be taken.

The Chinese envoy urged the international community to improve the living conditions of the Syrian people by lifting unilateral economic sanctions and supporting reconstruction projects.

Noting that unilateral economic sanctions and insufficient reconstruction funds are major challenges to improving the humanitarian situation in Syria, Zhang said it means “a lack of fuel for heating, food for hunger and medicine for disease treatment for Syrian civilians.”

He added China will actively participate in Syria’s reconstruction process under the framework of the Belt & Road Initiative, provide humanitarian assistance to Syria within its capabilities, train more reconstruction talents, and help enhance Syria’s independent development capability.