China will promote the work resumption and upgrading of the Exhibition and Convention Sector to invigorate employment and consumption while stabilising Foreign Trade & Investment, the Ministry of Commerce said Monday.

The Country encourages firms to resume operation orderly, adopt detailed epidemic prevention and control measures and host online Exhibitions, according to a circular issued by the Ministry of Commerce.

Calling for innovations in business modes, the circular said new exhibition platforms should be built supported by information technology, such as big data, 5G, virtual reality and augmented reality, to enable firms to showcase products, negotiate and sign contracts online.

Integrated development of online and offline Exhibitions will be promoted through the digital transformation of traditional projects, while leading online exhibition firms and fairs will be shored up.

The Ministry of Commerce stressed expanding the markets of Countries participating the Belt & Road Initiative and emerging economies as well as deepening international cooperation with overseas professional agencies.

The Ministry also urged efforts to provide firms with financial, legal and consultation support, streamline online approval and filing procedures for fairs, and strengthen intellectual property protection in Exhibitions.