Zong 4G, Flagship Brand of China Mobile Pakistan (CM-Pak) has become a household name in the country, thanks to the technological and social contributions it has made for the country.

CM-Pak is a fully-owned subsidiary of the leading Chinese telecom company, China Mobile. Over the years, the company has seen tremendous expansion to its market share.

In 2007, Zong began operations with a market share of only 2 percent. Since then it has seen significant growth, increasing it 10 fold to about 20 percent. Currently, CM-Pak engages in the provision of cellular mobile voice and data services in the Pakistani market.

“We have already served more than 40 million subscribers in Pakistan and also we provide more than 200,000 work opportunities in Pakistan,” said Li Yao, deputy director of Network Operations Center of CM-Pak.

Zong was a forerunner in introducing 4G in Pakistan when the government auctioned the spectrum in 2014.

“China Mobile is not only the largest mobile operator in the world, but a technology leader as well, so this brings us towards a unique advantage over other operators. It brings directly the technology and the supervision of the CMCC,” said Kamran Ali, Chief Regulatory Officer of Zong.

Experts believe that CM-Pak has great potential to grow under the support of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, a key part of the Belt and Road Initiative.

“The China Mobile interest in Pakistan, other than the friendship, is very much focused that they want to see that how they can digitalize Pakistan, how they can bring out their services, so if I see the commitment of China Mobile is very, very strong in Pakistan,” said Nabila Yazdani, director of Corporate Affairs and Customer Experience of Zong.

Zong has employees all over the country, who come from different provinces and different cultures. The employee base of the company is over 300,000, but indirectly it has provided opportunities to more than 200,000 individuals.

“It’s an exciting experience for me and I really like the intellectually-charged environment in China Mobile Pakistan. So this is a big difference, that this company is growing, even in the biggest competition situation which we have in the market,” said Yousaf Alliahdad, director of Network Construction of CM-Pak.

Since its inception, CM-Pak has worked considerably towards its corporate social responsibility.

“Whether it’s related to health, education, civic duty, environment, we are totally at the forefront. Even last year we have done a lot of corporate social responsibility initiatives,” said Maheen Akhtar, deputy director of Public relations and Corporate social responsibility of Zong. China Mobile also gives opportunities to its Pakistani employees to visit China on training programs, to work and learn from the best.