Special Envoy of the Chinese Government on the Middle East Issue Ambassador Gong Xiaosheng highlighted the strong ties his country has with the GCC, saying the two sides have come a long way in their free trade negotiations.

He added that the GCC crisis has led to a deterioration in ties among member states, something that came as a shock to China.

The Chinese official said that his country does not wish for any disruption in GCC ties.
He also stressed that a resolution to the crisis will only come through dialogue.

He predicted a breakthrough in the crisis, in light of what he said were positive indicators.

He called on GCC members to continue with their efforts to resolve the crisis, saying China supports all efforts in that regard.

He said that China welcomes co-operation with Arab countries at all levels, adding that the country is not seeking to establish areas of influence in the Middle East, or is it seeking agents who could fill a vacuum in the region.

On the One Belt, One Road initiative, he said that it aims to deepen and strengthen relations with the participating countries, as well as supporting the Middle East peace process.

He denied accusations by Western countries, especially the US, that China is seeking to find areas of influence in the region through this initiative.

On the Palestinian issue, he stressed that it was of great importance to China and one of the most important issues in the Middle East.