The Chinese People’s giant leap in quality of life is not only evident for all to see, but a model for others to follow, said the Secretary General of Communist Party of Chile Lautaro Carmona.

On the Occasion of the 99th Anniversary of the founding of the CPC, Carmona said about China’s rapid progress under the party’s guidance.

“I have no doubt that the Communist Party of China has more than fulfilled its stated objectives of building a society that leads to better quality of life for the people, with the absolute potential of meeting their expectations going forward as collective groups, and also as individuals,” Carmona said.

As proof, he noted “the millions of people who in quite a short time made the leap from poverty to a much more comfortable life, with the power to keep making progress towards greater fulfilment.”

China’s decision-makers are aware of the challenges ahead on the road to achieving “the infrastructure that makes access to a better life absolutely viable and feasible for the population,” he said.

Regarding China’s handling of unexpected challenges, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, Carmona said he valued “the role of the party, of its highest authorities, the presence even on the ground of its leadership in the streets,” confronting the pandemic with transparency throughout.

Had things happened differently, “the world would not have had a warning to respond the way it has,” said Carmona, a former legislator representing Chile’s northern Atacama region.

China’s policy of prioritising the health and lives of its citizens during the health crisis marked “a precedent” for implementing preventive measures, such as social distancing, to contain a virus that has no cure or vaccine, he noted.

“China was giving signals with the masks, the gloves, the extraordinary hospitals it installed in a short time, including the breathing devices, and in that way it was able to contain a pandemic that was uncontrollable,” he said.

What’s more, China offered other countries “world-class humanitarian support” in terms of sharing its technology, knowledge and experience, and cooperation in the area of equipment, medical supplies and health brigades, which continues internationally, said Carmona.

“I think the latest information China is reporting on how it controlled the pandemic, how it continues to have a prevention policy to curb outbreaks, and how the pandemic began and developed, is encouraging,” he said.

“I believe they will, with the collective intelligence of their scientists and their advanced scientific technology be able to find the antidote, the vaccine, to resolve this issue worldwide,” he added.

Globalisation is important to overcoming the pandemic and the post-pandemic economic crisis through multilateral exchange in all areas, he stressed.

Developing countries can benefit from “the Chinese philosophy of mutual benefit,” said Carmona.

“China does not intend to use its disproportionate size, economy of scale and development in different areas to sap the autonomy and sovereignty that each country has, but (aims to use it) for mutual benefit” through regional integration as promoted by its Belt & Road Initiative, Carmona said.

In the case of Chile, for example, “activating the economy is going to be directly linked to its economic and trade ties with China, where the absolute beneficiary is the Chilean producer, who will be able to provide jobs, have earnings and respect wage levels that allow the recovery of the elemental quality of life that has been lost,” said Carmona.