Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke with President Martín Vizcarra of Peru on the phone. President Xi underscored that in the face of COVID-19, China, acting on the understanding that mankind is a community with a shared future, has shared information with other Countries and the World Health Organization (WHO) in a timely manner and worked hard to advance international cooperation against the virus.

China has provided emergency supplies to many countries and international organizations to the best of its ability, shared experience through various means without any reservation, and facilitated the export of anti-epidemic supplies.

All this has helped the world better fight the virus. Xi reiterated China’s support for a global response, the WHO’s lead role and enhanced international coordination on macroeconomic policies.

President Xi noted that as COVID-19 spreads through Latin America and the Caribbean, China firmly supports the government and people of Peru and will continue to provide help and assistance to the best of its ability.

He expressed his confidence that under the leadership of President Vizcarra, Peru will prevail over the disease soon and that Sino-Peruvian friendship will be strengthened in this process. China attaches great importance to the relationship and will work with Peru to enhance communication, seek new modes of cooperation and implement Belt and Road projects.

Progress in these areas will help advance Sino-Peruvian comprehensive strategic partnership as the two sides prepare to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their diplomatic ties in 2021.

President Vizcarra hailed the good relations between Peru and China, underpinned by steady progress in all areas of bilateral exchanges and cooperation. Chinese investment has contributed to Peru’s infrastructure, economic and social development.

Peru sees the golden jubilee of their diplomatic ties as an excellent opportunity to further advance the bilateral relations. China has tamed the virus with strong organizational capability; its experience is useful for other countries still battling it.

He thanked China for its support and assistance in Peru’s hour of need. He said he fully shares Xi’s call for building a global community for a shared future, an appeal made more urgent by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The international community should strengthen solidarity and cooperation, uphold multilateralism and support WHO in playing the lead role.