The Egyptian capital Cairo is hosting the Chinese and Italian cuisine week as part of the celebrations for China’s Spring Festival in the Arab country.

The event was officially launched on Saturday and will run till next Wednesday.

The event, titled “A Week of Italian and Chinese Cuisine; Both in Harmony,” is co-hosted by the Chinese Cultural Center and Italian Cultural Center in Cairo.

During the one-week event, five Italian chefs will work with Chinese chefs in the scenic restaurant of the Flamenco Hotel along the Nile River in Cairo’s upscale Zamalek district.

Ravioli, an Italian dish, was featured as a common culinary denominator that crosses the two cultures.

On January 27 – 28, the restaurant will offer an Italian menu, dedicating a section for Jiaozi, Chinese dumplings.

On January 29, an Italian – Chinese dinner will be held at one of Flamenco’s restaurants and the menu will be Chinese. A corner will be dedicated for Italian ravioli this time.

The event is a good chance for Egyptian students and young chefs who will be invited to learn culinary techniques and tips from the Italian and Chinese chefs.

Wang Zhanglong, holder of the Guinness World Record for the “Biggest Dough-Blown Balloon” and the “Thinnest Handmade Noodles,” performed the making of Diaoxiao Noodles, Longxu Noodles and Dough Blowing Balloons, winning the applause from the guests and visitors.

He said the Chinese delegation brought more than 30 kinds of traditional Shanxi noodles and courses such as Corn Cake, Pingyao Beef and Cat-Ear Noodle.

Li Xiaoxia, head of the Chinese delegation from Shanxi, said the masters of the delegation have taught the Egyptian students the methods of making traditional noodles such as Daoxiao Noodles, Cat-Ear noodles as well as traditional Chinese courses such as Kung Pao Shrimp, hot candied sweet potatoes.

“The training of Chinese chefs has also been recognised by Egyptian students. Many of them admired the food we made,” Li said, adding that “although we speak different languages, I can feel that they like our Shanxi Noodles very much through their smiles.”

Nausica Ronca, one of the Italian chefs participating in the event, said it is a new and unique experience to show people how Italians make pasta at home.

“It was also a great chance to be working jointly with Chinese chefs. I have a background about Chinese food and I can cook a variety of Chinese food,” Ronca said during the ceremony.

She added that China, Egypt and Italy are three different countries with different food cultures, “but we all share things in common, such as rice and pasta, we all cook them almost same way and they are main dishes in our kitchens.”

China holds annually a series of events across Egypt where Egyptians and Chinese community in the North African Arab country celebrate the Spring Festival jointly.

Egyptian-Chinese bilateral ties have been elevated to the level of comprehensive strategic partnership with growing economic and cultural cooperation between the two countries in the light of China proposed Belt and Road Initiative.