A month long exhibition on Chinese traditional fine arts was inaugurated on Friday in Istanbul with a view to promoting understanding and friendship between the Turkish and Chinese peoples.

The Belt & Road Shanghai Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition comes on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the sistership between Istanbul and Shanghai, the largest cities in Turkey and China.

On display at the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts are 160 pieces of fine arts and crafts, including Jinshan peasant paintings, opera costumes, woodblock printing, movable-type printing, Shanghai-style sachets and jade carving, and gold and silver processing technology.

Addressing the opening ceremony, Seracettin Sahin, Director of the Turkish museum, said he expects the expo to generate a high interest of both locals and tourists in one of Istanbul’s well-preserved ancient museum buildings.

Cui Wei, Chinese Consul General in Istanbul, spoke of the importance of intangible cultural heritage for China.

“By using several methods, China has been doing its best to transfer its cultural heritage to the next generations,” he said, noting the expo would provide a sound perspective into the Chinese Culture. The exhibits are brought to Istanbul following their presence in Alexandria Governor-ate of Egypt in August last year.