At the Invitation of Guy Parmelin, Vice President of the Swiss Confederation, Chinese Vice Premier Han Zheng visited Switzerland from Monday to Tuesday.

Vice Premier Han met with Simonetta Sommaruga, President of the Swiss Confederation, and held talks with Parmelin. He also took part in the China-Switzerland “Belt & Road” capacity building Forum.

During his visit, Han recalled that Chinese President Xi Jinping and the Swiss leaders agreed in 2016 on forging an innovative strategic partnership between the two countries, which has charted the course for the development of bilateral relations.

This year marks the 70th Anniversary of the diplomatic relations between the two countries, Han noted, adding that the Chinese side is willing to take it as an opportunity to consolidate their traditional friendship and strengthen practical cooperation for a steady development of the China-Switzerland innovative strategic partnership.

Han said that the content of the innovative strategic partnership has been increasingly enriched and the two sides have continuously made new and positive progress in their bilateral cooperation in investment, finance, technology, and people-to-people and cultural exchanges.

China is willing to work with the Swiss side in strengthening trade and financial cooperation, stimulating new vitality of technology and innovation cooperation, and striving for more results in practical cooperation in various areas, so as to better benefit the two peoples, Han said.

Noting that China is pushing forward reform and opening-up to a higher level, Han said it welcomes Swiss companies to grasp the opportunities and invest in China.

Han said there is a bright future for Chinese and Swiss companies to strengthen their cooperation within the framework of the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI), adding that China supports enterprises of both sides to undertake third-market cooperation and build more model cooperation projects.

The Swiss side said that in terms of Western countries’ relations with China, bilateral relations between Switzerland and China have always been in the lead, with good prospects for economic and trade cooperation, adding that Switzerland is a natural partner with China regarding the BRI cooperation, and is ready to actively promote third-market cooperation between the two countries’ firms.

The Swiss side said that the country admires China’s achievements in its reform and opening-up, and stands ready to take the anniversary of bilateral diplomatic ties as an opportunity to take bilateral relations to higher levels.

It said that Switzerland welcomes Chinese investment and will provide a fair environment, adding that Switzerland highly appreciates China’s active steps in further opening-up, and will encourage more Swiss companies to do businesses in China for mutual benefits.

The Chinese vice premier also attended the 50th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. He called on the international community to build an inclusive and open world economy and uphold multilateralism in support of economic globalisation in a speech on Tuesday.