The employment rate of Chinese vocational graduates reached 92 percent in 2018, according to an annual report on the quality of vocational education Thursday.

The report, released by the Shanghai Academy of Educational Sciences and MyCOS, an educational research company, found that the monthly salary of vocational graduates increased by 76.2 percent three years after their graduation.

Over 60 percent of vocational graduates worked for primary-level employers such as small, medium and micro enterprises, said the report, adding that a quarter of the graduates found jobs in the western and northeastern regions of China.

The report also showed 65 vocational colleges has established a coalition to promote the rural vitalisation and poverty reduction.

Vocational education in China is playing an increasingly important role in expanding employment and promoting students’ development, according to the report.

Moreover, the report showed that Chinese vocational colleges attracted 17,000 overseas students in 2018, with countries along the Belt and Road being the major sources for international students.

These countries are also important destinations for Chinese vocational colleges to establish branches.