The Chinese-Western Cultural Exchange Forum under the Belt & Road Initiative was held in Dunhuang City, northwest China’s Gansu Province, and the Silk Road Cultural and Artistic Exhibition slated for one week opened simultaneously.

As a part of the 4th Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Expo, the forum invited many experts and scholars in the fields of culture and history from home and abroad to deliver speech and conduct communication themed “protection and inheritance of cultural heritage” and “strengthen cultural cooperation under the Belt & Road Initiative”.

“The cultural heritage we own is the material carrier, which embodies values in a comprehensive way. Maintaining the original state of cultural relics means protecting the veracity and completeness of cultural relics. This requires conservators of cultural relics to coordinate with scientists and technicians from other fields to make the research results understandable to people and shorten the distance between cultural heritage and people in an interesting way,” said Wang Xudong, curator of Palace Museum.

The Mogao Grottoes was included in the UNESCO World Natural Heritage list in 1987 as the first batch of China’s World Cultural Heritages. Under the Belt & Road Initiative, the Dunhuang Academy of China has conducted in-depth cooperation in cultural heritage protection and cultural exchanges with many countries along the Silk Road.

“Dunhuang City, as an important city along the Belt & Road, is a product of cultural exchanges along the ancient Silk Road. We have the responsibility and capability to help countries along the Belt & Road to conduct culture heritage protection as the concept of cultural heritage tells it belongs to all people. As of now, we have signed Memorandum of Understanding with Kyrgyzstan, Cambodia and Afghanistan. We will expand the cooperation to contribute our strength to the construction of Belt & Road,” said Zhao Shengliang, president of the Dunhuang Academy of China.

The Silk Road Cultural and Artistic Exhibition stages a slew of exhibitions including coin exhibition, an exhibition on overseas replicas of cultural relics from Dunhuang, an exhibition on cultural tourism creative and innovative products, which helps visitors learn about the history along the Silk Road in a comprehensive way.