“Colorful China and Charming West Photo Exhibition of Western China” opened in Seoul on Wednesday. The Chinese Ambassador to the Republic of Korea Xing Haiming said at the opening ceremony that “Regions in Western China are making great progress in economic, social, national unity and people’s livelihood.”

“The vibrant Western China has attracted friends from all over the world, getting more and more attentions of the international community.”

Xing also pointed out that recently some Western politicians and media conducted a variety of groundless attacks on western China, especially on Xinjiang and Tibet.

This Photo Exhibition will use vivid pictures to show the real Western China.

Kwon Ki-sik, President of the Korea-China Urban Friendship Association said that western China, with its important geographical location, is the core channel of ancient exchanges between Eastern and Western Civilizations and an important frontier of the Modern Belt & Road Initiative (BRI).

China is actively promoting the strategy of developing the western regions and has achieved gratifying results.

Sixty photographic works were exhibited in the exhibition, including the natural scenery, life, and developments of Western China. This exhibition will be held from April to June across the Republic of Korea.