Diplomatic Envoys and Representatives of business associations from some 20 Countries and regions shared their views on development opportunities at the Roundtable Conference of Silk Road International Chambers of Commerce in Dunhuang, Northwest China’s Gansu Province on Saturday.

Over 100 participants attending the conference came from the United Kingdom, Italy, Kazakhstan, Nepal and other countries and regions.

They discussed topics ranging from further playing role and functions of business associations of countries along the Silk Road, strengthening exchanges and cooperation in culture and trade, to promoting regional development.

A joint statement was issued at the meeting, which decides to set the round-table conference as a permanent cooperation platform and exchange mechanism for business associations of countries along the Silk Road.

“Governor of Gansu provincial people’s government, his excellency Tang Renjian, visited Nepal last May and also have signed cooperation agreement with one province, Province No. 3 of Nepal.

This is a beginning. A lot of the sister city relationships are going on, under process and then some have already established, and some want to establish more sister cities. That will promote the people-to-people relation. The people-to-people relation will produce a good environment for the business.

The political relation, and people-to-people relation is important for economic and business cooperation. Now that we have a good political relation, and people-to-people relation is growing, we are ready to further grow, further promote it by establishing more cities and the sister-city relations, exchanging delegations two sides, exploring business opportunities,” said Nepali Ambassador to China Leela Mani Paudyal.

“Italy was the terminal of the old Belt & Road or the old Silk Road with Marco Polo. And now Italy wants to be part of the Belt & Road Initiative, because we do think there are great opportunities either for investment, either for trade.

When I talk about trade, I think about the possibility for Italian companies to have a better performance in this country, this important market,” said Amedeo Scarpa, Director of Ice-Ita Italian Trade Agency.

The Conference was part of the one month 4th Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Expo and 9th Dunhuang Tour-Silk Road International Tourism Festival which kicked off on July 30 in Gansu, aiming to promote cooperation and exchange among countries and regions along the Silk Road.